Demon lord by heise

Kemsith and his pet dragonn whelp

He was originally a human but bitten by a? Demon during the destruction of the Gates, he later became a Half Demon. Kemsith gained a power of demons. He was allowed to create shadows as an army. He can hide in shadow and control every shadow there is.

Living in the Kingdom of DoubleSmith. He joined the war agaisnt the approaching demons. The war raged killing most of DoubleSmith. Kemsith however escaped with Tarden to the remote town of Gorsthome.

Later, he discovered he can't control his powers and accidentally killed Tarden by engulfing him with his own shadows Kemsith dismayed ran away from Gorsthome and arrived in the town Hugendone in the east of Gorsthome. There he met Traix , who appears to be another half demon, together they travelled far

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