Luna Moonlight.jpg

Luna Moonlight queen of the Tel Albim

Luna Moonlight is once the queen of Tel Albim. She is the twin sister of Lina Moonlight  and mother of Anna Bella  and Garthalamir II , and wife of Garthalamir.

She's fourhundrend and seven years old when she created a treaty for Garthalamir and King Tharagas, Garthalamir however fell in love with Luna, but Luna said no. Garthalamir enraged, waged war with the elves of Tel Albim. Later Luna submitted to prevent bloodshed and for Garthalamir to stop war.

Luna and her sister Lina made a pact, Lina would lead Tel Albim.

Luna had two childrens Anna Bella and Garthalamir II, both gentle as their mother.

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