Rathas Gurmalie

Rathas Gurmalie against an entire battalion of Gwardin's soldiers

Rathas Gurmalie, He is the first son of Lord Vlasvent the twenty-eight leader of the Orfangul Clan. A brother to Varimathas Gurmalie.

When he was young he showed extreme want for the throne of his father. He always dreamed of becoming the clan leader.

After a war against a rebelious demon clan, he discovered a secret world where he met his partners and pets; Kwimm the bat and Cruse the hound.

He survived the war he was promoted into General of a squad, at that glorious moment, another clan of demons attacked. His father was killed in a short while thus he became the Leader of the Orfangul Clan.

It was said that Rathas knew a path from Demon Realm to The world of Humans, where he met his love Elizabeth, he stayed on the world for a year because of the woman, his brother however reconciled with Rathas ordering him to come back, disgraced Rathas came back to the Demon Realm leaving Elizabeth behind with a newborn son named Zurc.

Back at the Demon Realm Rathas was betrayed by his brother and vanished him to wander in the Demon Realm, with only his trusted pets. He wandered and after a long while he discovered a Gate where the Titans are sealed. It was guarded by a Hound, which Rathas ultimately taken down and manage to free the Titan inside. It was revealed to be Rapture. Rapture apparently killed Rathas and waged war agaisnt the Demon clans, inwhich he won.

The End Of Rathas

The end of Rathas Gurmalie

The End Of Rathas Gurmalie...